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In Steel, Fives’ goal is to provide steel manufacturers with the ability to enhance their performance and subsequent competitiveness.

It has developed the most reliable & innovative technologies and offers a range of expert service, from the layout of a facility to revamping services, including the design, manufacture and retrofit of mechanical, thermal, tube & pipe mills & finishing equipment and the supply of surface treatment technologies.

In 2013, Fives achieved a turnover of 1.7 billion Euros and employed 8,000 people in over thirty countries with 1,200 employees dedicated to steel applications and the capacity to run projects everywhere. 

Thermal equipment

Fives designs and supplies thermal equipment for the world's leading steel suppliers. Fives offers a full range of thermal equipment which include: reheating furnaces and combustion systems (Stein Digit@l Furnace®range, AdvanTek®), plate treatment lines, heat treatment furnaces, vertical furnaces and cooling systems for galvanizing and annealing lines (Stein Digiflex®, FlashCooling®) and laboratory test benches for strip processing.

Induction heating

Fives designs and manufactures a full set of induction heating and industrial cooling equipment and solutions for many industries. The company has also developed a unique new high-flux magnetic induction technology, Celes CELINETM, as well as EcoTransFluxTM, a high power Transverse Flux Induction Heating (TFIH) technology can be implemented on steel processing lines to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and acid waste, whilst meeting quality, economic and capacity criteria.

Mechanical equipment

Thanks to the development of its own technologies and to its proven experience to manage turnkey contracts, Fives supplies complete tailor-made projects integrating innovative and efficient equipment sold under the legacy DMS name for Cold Rolling Mills, Processing Lines and a range of expert services. Product line and services include: DMS 20 Cylinders Cold Rolling Mills, Steel Processing Lines, DMS Skin-Pass Mills and Terminal mechanical equipment.

Surface treatment equipment

Fives specializes in the design and supply of surface treatment equipment using a chemical treatment process for various forms of carbon and stainless steels. In addition to stand-alone systems, Fives offers sub-systems as well as a dedicated range of DMS surface treatment products such as: continuous pickling lines for carbon and stainless steel strip, batch pickling lines for carbon and stainless steel wire, tube and bar and degreasing sections for CAPL, bright annealing lines, continuous galvanizing lines, silicon steel decarburization lines and continuous annealing lines.

Tube & pipe mills, Finishing equipment

Fives prominent products include Bronx straighteners, Abbey tube & pipe mills and Taylor-Wilson finishing equipment that are custom engineered to provide a quality, fully-integrated solution for the long products and  tube and pipe industries.In September 2013, OTO joined Fives to complement its offer to design, manufacture and install complete units for the production of welded tubes and profiles.

Metallurgical & operational assistance

Keods joined Fives in 2013. It offers metallurgical expertise for automotive applications and a quality improvement software that allows troubleshooting for products and process issues. It also supplies assistance on automated surface inspection system through fine tuning, system improvement and data treatment for dispositioning. 

Automation systems

Fives OTO Systems has developed high-performance electronic systems for the automation of industrial processes that offer better reliability and improve production process yields. 

To that end, it offers a complete range of hardware and software products. 

Guiding systems

Fives is a provider of innovative, engineered solutions to web and strip guiding users, with a strong focus on its clients’ quality, productivity, and profitability. Fives’ guiding solutions bring sustainable benefits being demonstrated daily on steel finishing lines, printing presses, carpet coating lines, tire producing plants, and countless other applications worldwide.

Slag grinding

Fives designs and supplies innovative equipment and integrated solutions for slag drying and grinding applications. Sustainable technologies such as the FCB Rhodax® crusher, the FCB Horomill® grinding mill associated with the FCB TSV™ classifier and FCB Flash dryer, combine performance, reliability, safety and total cost optimization.