Cold Rolling

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DMS - 3 x Cold Rolling Mills 20 Cylinders in FIVES Workshop--FIVES Fives Steel

Fives provides excellence in the rolling industry

Reduction Rolling Mills

Fives is recognized as one of the top designer and manufacturer of cold rolling mills in terms of quality of its products and scope of its innovation. Its technological leadership coupled with its engineering experience distinguishes Fives as a singular builder of mills for stainless steel, silicon steel, carbon steel and nonferrous materials like copper and titanium.

Fives has designed a complete range of fully automated accessory equipment able to meet all type of rolling requirements.

  • Strip Wiping device.
  • Roll cleaning device.
  • Fumes and coolant treatment.
  • Flatness measurement and control.
  • Materials handling equipment.

Fives provides skin pass mills for any application and all types of steel (stainless steel, carbon steel and galvanized steel). It offers a wide selection of skin pass line and reversible rolling mills, including the Duo (2-Hi), Quarto (4-Hi) and Sexto (6-Hi) models. These skin pass mills also come in a tandem version with two or more series of stands.

A team of specialists to provide you expertise

Fives features a large team of specialists and experts trained to provide a wide range of services.

  • Technical assistance to improve steel production.
  • Metallurgical testing.
  • Tests and inspection of existing equipment.
  • Calculation and expertise of running conditions of existing equipment.

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