Fives' ERW mill equipment: the largest product range on the market

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High Technology ERW Pipe Mills to produce tubes from 4.75 to 686mm OD and wall thickness from 0.4 to 21mm

The guarantee of functionality, safety and productivity for the production of ERW tubes.

Under the brands OTO and Abbey, Fives' machines include the latest technologies for the production of any type of ERW tube both on carbon steel and stainless steel. 

  • Complete Tube & Pipe mills
  • Decoilers 
  • Strip accumulators
  • Strip joiners / Shear and End welders
  • Cut offs



 W109756-FIVES Fives Steel


Machines dedicated to supporting the coil and maintaining the correct strip tension.

Fives’ decoilers offer ranges from simple and small machines such as the single mandrel uncoiler to complex and massive pieces of equipment like the double uncoiler for 168 mm tube outside diameter and the single mandrel, double cone mandrels and double step mandrels with manual or fully automatic coil preparation.

gg264 hi-FIVES Fives Steel

Strip joiners / Shear and End welders

Designed to provide the most reliable, the fastest, and the most automated joining of steel coils.

Our range covers metal strip from 30 to 2,100 mm wide and 0.3 to 21 mm thick, and offers the possibility to perform trimming and joining of the trailing of the strip either automatically, semi automatically or manually.


Strip accumulators

Horizontal and vertical accumulators with improved features

Fives’ strip accumulators have been designed to offer high speed capability and high accumulation capacity, without compromising on a careful strip handling required by modern quality materials.

orbital 1-FIVES Fives Steel


The most complete range of flying cutoffs available

More than twenty different models are available. Depending on the need of use, tube sizes, material type (carbon or stainless steel), material steel grade, performances required, our large selection satisfies every necessity.

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