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Since 1911, Fives’ Taylor-Wilson product line of Hydrotesters, Leak testers and Collapse testers has been at the forefront of hydrostatic pipe testing equipment development.

While the principles behind hydrostatic testing remain consistent, each installation has its own unique requirements. As a leader in the industry, Fives strives to be innovative and evolutionary with design improvements and continues to offer the enhanced efficiency, superior technology and safety that the Taylor-Wilson Hydrotester has always delivered.



Achieving Results

Based on our experience and technical knowledge, Fives’ Taylor-Wilson hydrostatic pipe testing equipment delivers compelling solutions to the market.

  • O.D. Variations - tests pipe and tube with an O.D. from less than 25 mm (1 inch) to over 610 mm (24 inches). With quick-change tooling, can process over a 4:1 variation in O.D. on a single machine.
  • End Condition - Can accommodate plain end square cuts, API line pipe ends, threaded ends, mill sawed ends or pierced ends.
  • Pipe Lengths - Can design a system to accommodate any length variation, as well as properly test random lengths.
  • Throughput Requirements - Single-head, low-pressure testers for off-line use to multi-head (two, three or four head), high-speed machines for in-line mill applications.
  • Operating Method - operates in various modes — fully automatic, automatic with manual pipe position override, semi-automatic and manual.
  • Pressure - tests with stable pressure of 35 bars (500 psi) to over 1750 bars (25,000 psi).


Our engineers have designed and produced an array of sealing devices to handle a wide variety of applications based on end conditions, O.D. variations and pressure requirements. These sealing devices include:

  • Traditional U-cup seal with special anti-extrusion hardened ring.
  • End sealing for low pressure.
  • I.D. sealing for critical high-stressed pipes.
  • Collapsing seal with traveling insert, which allows a pipe range to be tested by a common seal — for testing unfinished product, or in front of a coupling.

Pressure Control 

Frequently, the test pressure procedure is affected by fluctuating pressures, thereby compromising the testing process. By using specially designed intensifiers, either oil-to-water or water-to-water, combined with the latest microprocessor-controlled hydraulic servo equipment or electronic air-over-water regulation system, we can achieve greater stability in the test pressure systems. Additionally, the test hold time can be easily varied on our testers to suit the specific standard to which the pipe is being tested - all with continuous and accurate pressure control throughout the test hold period.

  • Fully automatic testing of a complete API range (1, 2 or 3) of pipe lengths, without resetting the machine.
  • An automatic measuring system built into the alignment station to prevent pipes outside of the length tolerance from entering the test bed, while simultaneously testing and discharging previous pipes.
  • All pipe length, grade and pressure settings are accomplished at the operator control station, without physical adjustments required.
  • Testing mechanisms are designed with drop-in components to rapidly change pipe size or test cups.
  • Automatic electronic end length tracking device ensures the quickest cycle time between pipe length variations.
  • Alarm diagnostics and maintenance screens for fast and accurate trouble-shooting.
  • Self-contained water filtration system to control the test water for trouble-free operation.
  • Internal crane mechanism improves servicing of the system.
  • Fast and accurate test pressure-built times through the deployment of our specially designed intensifying systems.
  • Data capture by the precise measurement of each pipe can be transmitted through the PLC control and network to other areas of the finish floor, including drifting station, marking system or bundler.
  • Fully enclosed test hood provides protection for personnel and adjacent equipment
  • Focus on operator safety: bulletproof windows in the control station and video cameras for remote operations of the hydrostatic tester.


Optional stations can be included both before and after the testing station, which comprise: internal flush, pipe drain, full-length automatic drifter, automatic reject and storage/bundling.

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