Bar, Sections and Rail

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  • bars 1-FIVES Fives in Steel
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Bar, Sections and Rail

Bar, Sections and Rail (Long Products), are enhanced with Fives straightening equipment that complies with growing precision and applications requirements.

This encompasses the widest range of ferrous and nonferrous sections that Fives, with the Bronx machines, can straighten with accuracy and efficiency.

Facing new challenges and the environmental and economical evolutions, long product manufacturers are requiring:

  • Geometrical section variety
  • High Productivity
  • Production flexibility
  • Energy efficiency

Fives designs straightening equipment, thanks to strong industrial advances from years of experience. The Fives team will analyze the specifications and even work with our customer’s engineers to ensure that the design requirements are not only met, but they exceed the needs of the project.

Fives offers complete long product equipment and service solutions, from standard to specific customer needs, and are adapted to large sector requirements in the automotive, oil & gas, and building industries.

For all these needs, Fives brings various technologies:

  • Bar Straightener
  • Section Straightener
  • Rail Straightener

Fives’ solutions are based on proprietary, state-of-the-art expertise being continuously improved to fit customers’ needs and reduce the environmental impact.

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