Carbon steel

BENXI STEEL 325-FIVES Fives in Steel

Production of flat rolled carbon steel needs to satisfy ever greater requirements in terms of surface quality, elasticity, grades, processes and related services.

In rising to the challenges set by their customers in the automobile, construction and packaging industries, manufacturers must continuously innovate to be able to offer high added value flat rolled steels.

To help them meet these requirements, Fives has developed a range of processes, equipment and services for carbon galvanization lines (CGLs), continuous annealing lines (CALs), combined lines (CAGL & CGPL) and carbon coating lines (CCL).

Through its subsidiary Fives Keods, Fives can bring to bear considerable pre-production (when starting up the line) or post-project (operational assistance) metallurgical expertise. As an expert consultant for the metalworking industry, Fives can help to improve the quality of carbon steel products, thereby enabling its customers to be approved as automobile industry suppliers.

Our technologies

The technologies developed by Fives also offer solutions to environmental requirements in terms of energy savings or reduced emissions, and take into account the financial circumstances of players in the steel industry.

Some examples of Fives technologies:

  • Flash Cooling®: a system for rapid, efficient and flexible cooling used to produce a wide range of shades of steel with high added value.
  • AdvanTek®2.0: a high output, low emission combustion system.
  • EcoTransFluxTM: a transverse flux induction heating system enabling rapid and uniform heating above the Curie point.
  • Side trimmer: an effective, safe system for trimming the sides of steel strips.
  • Skin Pass & Flattening machine: a cold rolling solution for impeccable surface quality.