HSU Tube Mills

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A technology dedicated to the forming of universal Hollow Shapes

hsu2-FIVES Fives in Steel

This technology, based on high quality standards, guarantees the possibility to produce hollow sections within a certain range of dimensions and thickness without changing rolls, saving set up time, saving rolls management time and reducing to zero the space required to store rolls series.

Hollow Shapes are produced through direct forming welding them from strip. Every mill is composed by a forming sections that bends the strip in the desired hollow section, a welding stand, sizing and turks head stands.

OTO HSU mills allow the production of a wide range of final products. Our range allows to process strip with square thickness from 20x20 to 140x140, at the maximum speed of 120 m/1'.

OTO HSU MILLS: no rolls change required, saving time and space

Main advantages

profiliHSU finally-FIVES Fives in Steel
  • Reduced changeover time
  • Costs reduction for rolls investment
  • Rolls management optimization
  • Material saving
  • Just in time production
  • Independence from the competence of the operator: high automation through the use of the “Mill Manager” software
  • Minimal intervention of the operator required for tuning
  • Easy maintenance thanks to easy access and good visibility

The high automation achieved in the design of the HSU Mill allows the operator to reach the highest quality standards avoiding scratches, marks on the tube with the possibility to vary the radius of the corners within the values ​​set by Standard UNI–EN10219-2  2006. Also, the use of the HSU technology allows an average saving of material of about 3%. This means that, on an annual production of 50,000 tons, the savings can reach more than 700,000 euro.

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