Our offer for Tube & Pipe

Bottom-FIVES Fives in Steel

Fives designs tube & pipe manufacturing equipment that answer to the requirements of manufacturers.

Fives’ range of equipment offers:

  • Wide variety of geometrical sections 
  • High quality of grades surface 
  • High mechanical and chemical resistances
  • Productivity high availability
  • Production flexibility
  • Energy efficiency

Thanks to its strong know-how, Fives offers complete tube mills solutions, equipment and service, adapted to large sector requirements, automotive, oil & gas, building industry..., from standard to specific customer needs.

For all these needs, Fives brings various technologies, such as: 

  • OTO Tube Mills ERW: tube manufacturing in electric resistance welded technology from hot or cold strip, pre-galvanised, galvanised or aluminised, with differents sections. Facility to retool rapidly – High precision – Linear and cage forming section – Full automation
  • OTO Tube Mills TR: turnkey equipment, suitable for the manufacturing of refrigeration tube 
  • OTO Tube Mills HSU: to produce hollow sections within a certain range of dimensions and thickness without changing rolls, saving set up time, reducing quantity of strip to be used, saving rolls management time and reducing to zero the space required to store rolls series. 
  • Taylor-Wilson Hydrotester: hydrotester single, dual triple 
  • Taylor-Wilson drifter 

The Fives’ solutions are based on proprietary state of the art technology being continuously improved to fit customers’ needs and reduce the environment impact.

ERW steel tubing from hot-rolled strip/galvanized strip

  • Round, square, rectangular, elliptical, oval, triangular and special tubes.
  • Tubolar sections for windows and door frames
  • Tubes for automotive applications
  • Welded tubes for steel structural work
  • Tubes for piling
  • Roller conveyor tubes
  • Heat exchanger and boiler tubes
  • Gas and water line pipes
  • Tubes for scaffolding and propping

ERW tubes from cold strip, hot pickled strip, pre-galvanised and aluminised hot rolled strip

  • Round, square rectangular, oval, elliptical, semioval and special tubes
  • Exhaust aluminised tubes
  • Drilled aluminised tubes
  • Tubes for automotive applications
  • Tubes for bicycle and motorcycle industry
  • Tubes for the fitness industry
  • Tubes for heating and design radiators
  • Furniture tubes

Heavy wall walded tubes

  • Tubes for mechanical automotive applications
  • Cylinder tubes for lifting equipment
  • Tubes suitable for drawing
  • Tubes for piling
  • Roller conveyor tubes

Cold-drawn tubes

  • Tubes for mechanical automotive applications
  • Ready-to-use S.S.I.D. tubing and Swipe honed cylinder tubes
  • Cylinder tubes suitable for honing
  • Honed cylinder tubes
  • Cold drawn tubes for shock absorbers
  • Tubes suitable for chrome plating
  • Cardan tubes
  • Chrome tube
  • Chrome bars

Structural hollow sections ex hot rolled steel, cold formed

  • Square structural hollow sections
  • Rectangular structural hollow sections
  • Circular structural hollow sections

Stainless steel tubes

  • Round, square, rectangular, oval and special tubes
  • Welded tubes for the construction industry
  • Welded ornamental tubes
  • Welded corrosion resistant tubes and pipe
  • Welded food industry and dairy tubing
  • Welded heat exchanger tubes
  • Welded tubes for the automotive industry (exhaust systems)
  • Special tubes for windows and door frames
  • Welded tubes in special alloys
  • Electric resistance tubes.

Special Product Application in the automotive industry

  • DRIVE : Drive shafts, cardan shafts
  • SUSPENSION: Shock absorber tubes
  • VEHICLE OCCUPANT PROTECTION: Crashbox modules, bumpers, pretensioned seat-belt and lock reinforcement, roll bars, side impact protection, airbag components
  • CHASSIS: Cross-members, frame side members, stabilisers, axle components, structural parts, hydroforming parts
  • STEERING SYSTEM: Column and cylinder tubes, steering tubes
  • MOTOR: Cooling tubes, motor members, camshafts
  • SEATS: Head rests, seat adjustment, seat frame
  • WIPER SYSTEM: Windscreen, wiper frame tubes

API Pipes / Conduit

  • Water Pipes
  • Gas Pipes
  • Petroleum Pipes