Services for all issues

services for all issues-FIVES Fives Steel

Do you want to:

  • Access the best technologies available?
  • Respond more effectively to the increasing quality requirements set by your own customers? 
  • Comply with environmental and safety legislation? 
  • Get support in your quest for improved competitiveness and higher productivity in a constantly changing market?

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Fives, an expert partner at your side

Fives has developed the know-how and experience to support you throughout the facility’s lifecyle, from the design stage onwards, with the single goal of ensuring optimum performance from your installation and equipment.

  • Twin skills in mechanical engineering and thermal technologies 
  • Substancial experience in understanding the process expérience 
  • Unique expertise in providing metallurgical assistance 
  • Continual innovation 

Our support offer: 

  • A real attention to clients’ needs and issues
  • Highly-qualified engineers
  • Great reactivity and round-the-clock support services

Products: developing new grades and ranges

  • Range expansion
    - New metallurgical properties
    - New grades
    - New coatings
    - New sizes 
  • Product quality enhancement
    - Combating black staining
    - Controlled heating heterogeneity
    - Strip flatness
    - Oil elimination 

Production: Improving the performance of your installation

  • Installation flexibility
    - Boosting production capacities
    - Improving equipment productivity 
  • Production control
    - Improving control reliability
    - Optimizing equipment operation
    - Product quality tracking 
  • Maintenance support

Energy performance and environmental impact

  • Reducing the energy bill
    - Optimum energy efficiency (energy recovery)
    - Reduced energy consumption of equipment  
    - Energy source diversification
  • Limiting discharges
    - Lower CO2 and NOx emissions
    - Lower oil consumption (fumes)
    - Lower water consumption 

Safety & Standards : Ensuring on-site safety for your employees

  • Making sites safer 
  • Compliance with Gas safety standards (EN 746-2, EN 746-3, etc.)
  • Risk analysis (SIL inspection, Hazop, etc.)
  • Operator safety