A wide expertise to serve steelmakers

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Fives’ goal is to provide steelmakers with technologies and solutions to achieve ultimate product quality, reduced operational expenses and minimized environmental impact.

Fives’ offer includes process expertise and consulting, mechanical, thermal, induction equipment, surface treatment, rolling and strip processing for flat and long products, finishing solutions for tubes and pipes. Today, the Steel division has a headcount of 1,300 employees dedicated to the development, design, manufacturing, sales, retrofit and commissioning. It has 19 design offices and manufacturing workshops in Europe, USA, India and China, and possesses 335 registered patents. 

Process expertise & metallurgical consulting

Fives offers process expertise, technical consulting, metallurgical assistance, auditing, upstream & downstream client support. In 2013, Fives acquired KEODS, a well-known company in the market, created by highly qualified metallurgists and product quality experts to answer the needs of automotive steel producers. The expert services include metallurgical expertise for automotive steel applications, quality management software tools AbSISTM and EyeronTM, surface inspection system assistance, etc. 

Mechanical process & terminal equipment

Fives provides mechanical strip processing expertise, design and supply of terminal equipment for processing lines, including DMS skin-pass mills & levelers, DMS trimmers and unique line tension management software DMS LTMTM; as well as DMS 20Hi cold rolling mills and production assistance software DMS RMGTM.

Surface treatment equipment

Fives offers surface treatment technologies and equipment: pickling sections & wire batch pickling, degreasing sections, chemical dosing systems for bright annealing, continuous galvanizing, decarburization, continuous annealing lines, etc. 

Thermal process technologies & equipment

Fives designs and supplies a full range of thermal equipment which includes: reheating furnaces (Stein Digit@l Furnace® range), heat treatment furnaces, processing line vertical furnaces (Stein Digiflex®, AdvanTek® combustion system) and cooling systems (FlashCooling®, Wet Flash Cooling®) for continuous galvanizing and annealing lines, horizontal furnaces, curing ovens, as well as process optimization system Virtuo®.

Induction heating technologies

Fives designs and manufactures a full set of induction heating and industrial cooling equipment & solutions: conventional induction heating equipment and new high-flux magnetic induction technology: Celes CELINE LP (Long Product) and CELINE FP (Flat Product), as well as EcoTransFluxTM, a high power Transverse Flux Induction Heating (TFIH) technology that can be implemented on steel processing lines to increase the metallurgical properties of the steel grades, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and acid waste.

Finishing solutions for tubes and pipes

Fives' offer includes finishing solutions for a wide range of products: Bronx bar, section and rail straighteners, heavy duty straighteners, COMPASS control system. 

Electrical & automation systems

Fives supplies high-performance automation systems and software tools that offer better reliability and improve production process: OTOMES and OTO BI automation systems.