AdvanTek combustion system

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Fives develops, manufactures and installs its proprietary AdvanTek® combustion systems for reheating furnaces and strip processing line furnaces that give steelmakers optimum combustion control, from capacity to flame length to fuel choice, and the lowest NOx emissions. Manufactured and tested in Fives’ facility in Bar-le-Duc, France, the AdvanTek® burners are designed and supplied following rigorous quality processes that have been under continuous improvement for more than 40 years.

AdvanTek® combustion for reheating furnaces

AdvanTek® for reheating furnaces
  • Capacity range includes sizes from 1100 to 6000 kW
  • Combustion temperature from 400°C to 600°C for reheating furnace burners
  • NOx emission: lower than 50 ppm with natural gas firing
  • Fuel flexible, according to available fuel on site
  • Full compliance with latest European standards, particularly EN 746-2
  • Full automatic control

AdvanTek® combustion for processing line furnaces

AdvanTek® for processing line furnaces
  • Power range of 100-180 kW for radiant tube burners
  • Combustion efficiency: 71% with basic oxygen furnace gas or 76% with natural gas
  • Flame temperature uniformity
  • Combustion air temperature: 450-800°C for radiant tube burners, 20-600°C for reheating section burners 
  • NOx emission: lower than 50 ppm for radiant tube burners
  • Full automatic control

AdvanTek® range for reheating furnaces:

Central and modulating wide flame burners

AdvanTek® CWF (Central Wide Flame) and MWF (Modulating Wide Flame) burners improve the crosswise and lengthways temperature profiles of the products in the reheating furnace. They are designed to drastically reduce NOx emissions and energy consumption and can be fired with most of the fuels available to steel plants with great flexibility. 

Process benefits include:

  • High operational flexibility thanks to digital mode (on-off firing)
  • High quality of the product 
  • Uniformity of roof temperature
  • NOx emissions reduced by 40%
  •  5% less energy consumption with Stein Digit@l Furnace AT 2.0

The full range includes WFB G2-G10, WFMB G5-G11 burners which can work with cold or hot air (max of 600° C for hot air).

Flat, long and wide flame burners

AdvanTek® BFP 1.0: Radiant roof firing burners
These burners are installed in the roof of furnaces operated with temperatures up to 1400°C. Combustion air is introduced at high velocity through tangential ports inducing a high swirling moment. This, together with the special quarl design, results in a flat flame developing all around the quarl, perpendicular to the burner axis.

AdvanTek® BLF 1.0: Longitudinal firing burners
They are located in all longitudinally fired zones, either on the top and/or bottom of the reheating furnace. For each burner the geometry as well as the air and fuel injection velocities are adapted to the geometry of the combustion chamber to obtain the optimum flame-to-load heat distribution.

AdvanTek® WFB 2.0: Wide flame burners
These burners were developed to imitate the even radiative heat transfer characteristics that can be obtained from flat flame roof burners but have the added advantage that it is much easier to vary the heat transfer over the width of the furnace by adjusting the flame length. They are located in the side walls, either on the top and/or bottom of the reheating furnace, and have been specially designed for Stein Digit@l Furnace® operation.

AdvanTek® range for processing line furnaces:

Radiant tube burners

AdvanTek® radiant tube burners (WRT and URT) for annealing and galvanizing lines are the best available technology considering burner capacity, reliability, consumption ratio and NOx emissions. The new burner generation, AdvanTek® WRT 2.0, uses basic oxygen furnace (BOF) gas, which is low heating value gas. A number of tests conducted at Fives’ Bar-Le-Duc test centre in France demonstrated an optimum combustion efficiency with 71% efficiency for BOF gas with NOx less than 50 mg/Nm3 at 3% O2. The combustion efficiency could reach 76% with natural gas. The AdvanTek® WRT 2.0 burners are available for a power range of 100 - 180 kW.

Direct fired flame burners

These burners and their control system are key components of the preheating section. They work to ensure strip cleanliness, accurate furnace O2 level control and strip temperature uniformity. These direct flame burners are used with the flame parallel to the strip, either for a horizontal or vertical pass line. AdvanTek® DFR (Reducing Direct Fired) burners is used under stoichiometric conditions, while AdvanTek® DFO (Oxydizing Direct Fired) burners is used for partial oxidation of the strip. AdvanTek® DFR offers:

  • No overheating of strip edges thanks to the flame temperature uniformity 
  • On-off control, improving homogeneity and favouring strip cleaning and reduction effect
  • Strip can be heated from low temperature for heat-to-coat cycles up to 760˚C

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