NeoKoil, carbon steel processing lines

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Fives developed the NeoKoil® strip processing lines: continuous annealing and galvanizing lines (CAL, CGL, CAGL) to produce carbon steel, including AHSS and UHSS; continuous galvanizing lines (CGL) with horizontal furnaces to produce steel grades from building to automotive applications quality; and a variety of strip coating lines, including combined galvanizing & painting lines (CGPL) dedicated to the automotive, construction, home appliances, white goods, food and packaging applications.

Fives also provides a wide range of assistance in grade development, process and quality improvement to reach steel process optimization and operational excellence in terms of the lowest cost of operation, highest quality steel grades and best route to market.

NeoKoil annealing & galvanizing lines for automotive steels

NeoKoil® continuous annealing and galvanizing lines are designed to produce high-strength steels (AHSS and UHSS) for the automotive industry. Over the last 15 years, more than 50 new processing lines and furnaces for annealing and galvanizing processes have been completed by Fives.

NeoKoil, galvanizing line with a horizontal furnace

Fives developed NeoKoil® continuous galvanizing lines (CGL) with horizontal furnaces and a companion minispangle system to produce a full range of steel grade applications, such as building, white goods, non-exposed automotive parts, hot rolled products, etc.

NeoKoil, combined galvanizing and painting line

Neokoil® combined galvanizing and painting lines (CGPL) provides galvanizing and painting sections in one line and offers many financial and operational advantages over conventional options. Fives references include 11 CGPLs with induction or catenary ovens.

Coated product composition

Fives offers a range of NeoKoil® strip coating lines: color coating lines (CCL), film coating lines and laminating lines.

The lines are designed to process high quality strip coating for different applications: automotive, construction, home appliances, white goods, food and packaging industries.