Combined galvanizing and painting lines

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Fives developed NeoKoil® combined galvanizing and painting strip processing lines (CGPL) which incorporates innovative and cost-effective solutions and process expertise for terminal equipment, degreasing sections, non-oxidizing and radiant tube furnaces, rapid jets cooling, after-pot cooling, minispangles,  skin-pass mills and tension levelers, post-treatment, hot air or induction heaters. 

NeoKoil® CGPL offers many financial and operational advantages over conventional options. Mechanical equipment is reduced to a minimum, the production cycle is shorter, and adaptibility to market orientations is increased. 

The main principal of the combined line is to provide galvanizing and painting sections in one processing line. It allows to substantially reduce investment and operational costs, as well as to increase quality and safety by avoiding coil handling and treatment between galvanizing process and painting. The production cycle is shortened with final products having more added value. The combined line is designed for production of different steel grades from full hard (HRC) and commercial quality CQ (CRC), to various high-strength steel and coatings, such as regular spangle, minispangle, 55%AlZn galvalume, 5%AlZn galfan, ZnMgAl, aluminized products, etc.

Entry coil handling section

Entry coil handling section for combined lines

The entry coil handling section is engineered to handle the coil very carefully, ensuring minimal waste and optimal product quality. It includes entry coil skid and car, pay off reel, threading pinch roll and flattener, shearing section (entry shear and scrap evacuation system) and coil joining section (welder and notcher).

More about the entry coil handling section


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Degreasing system

Degreasing system for combined lines

Fives' degreasing system utilizes a combination of hydro, chemical and mechanical processes. The hydro system uses hot water as the degreasing agent. The chemical systems include a multi-stage degreasing section where water with a degreasing agent is sprayed onto the strip at high temperature. This is followed by mechanical brushing of the strip surface to displace fines and stubborn oil from the strip. 

More about the degreasing system

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Thermal part

Stein horizontal furnace

The thermal part includes Stein non-oxidizing furnace (NOF), Stein radiant tube furnace and a soaking section. The Stein non-oxidizing furnace offers efficient strip heating and cleaning, as well as safe operation. The NOF gives good surface preparation for galvanizing process, to such extent that no additional pre-cleaning is required up to 1,200 mg rolling oil and iron fines per m2

More about Stein horizontal furnaces
More about Virtuo®, a thermal performance optimizer

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Rapid cooling

Rapid cooling for combined lines

Fives' rapid cooling section offers a flexible and compact way to perfectly cool the strip. The compact design has a number of benefits, including better cooling rate control and significant energy savings. 

Fives has recently developed rapid jet cooling, which provides a high cooling rate of up to 75˚C/sec for processing high strength steel.

More about the rapid cooling

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After-pot cooling and minispangle

After-pot cooling for combined lines

Aeris®, after-pot cooling technology, is an efficient and flexible cooling system that improves strip stability by enabling the reduction of the cooling length. Fives has also developed the Stein minispangle system, aiming to minimize ‘spangles’ in galvanized strips in order to improve the surface quality for coating. 

More about Aeris®, after-pot cooling
More about Stein minispangle system

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Skin-pass and strip leveler

DMS skin-pass and strip leveler for combined lines

DMS skin-pass mills coupled with DMS strip levelers are suitable for a wide variety of annealed and galvanized steel products from very low to very high strengths. They achieve the proper elongation and improve strip flatness in continuous strip processing lines.

More about DMS skin-pass mills
More about DMS strip levelers


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Post treatment, hot air or induction heaters

Post treatment, hot air and induction heaters for combined lines

Fives provides pre- and post treatment solutions, including Stein drying and curing ovens, as well as CELES induction heaters to process high quality strip coating for different applications: automotive, construction, home appliances and white goods. 

More about Stein drying ovens
More about CELES induction heaters
More about Stein curing ovens

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Exit coil handling section

Exit coil handling section for combined lines

Fives’ mechanical solutions, including side trimming and SIS tuning for the exit coil handling section ensure minimized waste and achieve the desired throughput.

More about exit coil handling section
More about DMS side trimmers
More about SIS tuning


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