Coil & roll handling equipment

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DMS - Coil Car - Chariot de transport de bobine--FIVES

Coil transport cars

Fives has designed a complete line of fully automated cars that can meet any coil and mill roll transport requirements. Fives cars are specially designed to transport coils in line entry section (to load the pay-off reel), line exit section (to unload the tension reel) and around the reversible off-line mill. They are particularly well-suited for any constraints at production plants and can move on rails at ground or under the floor. Fives cars automatically measure the coil's dimensions and weight. The Fives car is designed for quick strapping of the coil while still on the car.

Roll transport cars

Fives also offers a range of automated cars to handle mill rolls. Fives has quick and reliable systems that allow automatic quick work roll change (under three minutes) minimizing the impact on production to keep rolling equipment downtime to a minimum.

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