Degreasing systems

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A Proven Technology

Our Degreasing Systems have a proven track record of reliability, safety and cost-effective operations around the world. 

System Description

The Conventional Degreasing System consists of a degreasing system, brush machine and rinse section. 

The Conventional Degreasing System uses non-chemical technology.  This system treats strip prior to entering the furnace when the ultimate surface cleanliness is not required.   The conventional degreasing systems are typically used on stainless steel in a CAPL for stainless steel but may also be suitable for other applications when a high degree of cleanliness is not required. 


No added chemicals are required.

System is optimized to match the system and capacity of the line to provide the desired final product.



System Description

The Alkaline Degreasing System consists of pre-degreasing, degreasing and rinsing. 

The Alkaline Degreasing System uses an alkaline solution to aid in loosening fines and removing grease.  This provides a higher level of cleanliness than conventional degreasing and is typically used in treatment of stainless steel non-critical applications. 


The Alkaline Degreasing System is engineered and designed to match the customer’s requirements regarding the chemicals to be used in the treatment minimizing the amount of water consumption and takes advantage of waste heat provided by other processes.



System Description

The Electrolytic Degreasing System consists of pre-degreasing, electrolytic treatment and rinsing. 

The Electrolytic Degreasing System uses a combination of alkaline and electrolytic treatment to provide the highest level of cleanliness and is typically required for exposed auto applications. 


The Electrolytic Degreasing System provides ultimate cleanliness with the smallest footprint.  The system is optimized to reduce waste, take advantage of waste heat and minimize the amount of chemicals consumed.



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