Pickling systems

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DMS Strip Pickling System Entry-RETOUCHES-FIVES

A Proven Technology

Our Pickling Systems have been installed in some of the most advanced and highest capacity processing lines in the world. 

DMS Strip Pickling Sytem Exit-RETOUCHE-FIVES

System Description

The Strip Pickling System consists of:

  • chemical treatment
  • mechanical brushing
  • rinsing
  • steering unit, if required
  • dryer units
  • media circulation systems
  • fume collection and treatment solution removal systems
  • general maintenance
  • monitoring automation system
  • chemical storage

 The Strip Pickling system uses state of the art technology and autonomous control for the treatment of stainless, carbon and silicon steels.


  • Custom engineered and optimized
  • Robust, reliable and safe design
  • Environmentally conscientious
  • Minimum chemical consumption
  • Advanced materials
  • Intuitive operator interface 


System Description

The Wire/ Bar Pickling System is an automated processing system which includes: 

  • chemical treatment
  • dip rinse
  • high pressure rinse
  • external spray rinse
  • phosphating
  • containment hood
  • fume collection and treatment systems
  • monitoring and dosing
  • fully automated material handling
  • inspection
  • packaging

 The Wire/ Bar Pickling Systems use state of the art technology and autonomous control for the treatment of stainless, and carbon steels.


  • Totally enclosed process
  • Automated : maximum throughput
  • Process step tracking system
  • Process repeatability
  • Chemical management system: process adapts to each coil based on weight, material composition, surface area, and treatment steps
  • Best design for the environment
  • Maximum protection for the operator


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