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Fives post treatment main-FIVES

Fives provides technologies, including design and supply of Stein Drying ovens and cooling system to process high quality strip coating for different applications: automotive, construction, home appliances and white goods. A wide range of pre & post-treatment solutions are available to achieve final coating, such as passivation chrome free, zinc phosphate, anti-finger print, resin coat, primer & finish coat, etc. 

Strip drying solutions:   

  • Chemical coating
  • Passivation
  • Inorganic & organic coating (carbon, silicon and stainless steels, aluminum and zinc)

Heating: gas, induction, direct or indirect.
Cooling systems: air, water cooler, cooling rolls. 

Fives post treatment 1-FIVES
Fives post treatment 3-FIVES

Stein Drying ovens are equipped with instrumentation & control systems and safety devices. They feature reduced energy consumption and easy threading & maintenance access.

Fume treatment solutions are provided to evacuate vapor from ovens, eliminate volatile organic compounds during an organic coating process, and recover energy via recuperative and/or regenerative thermal oxidizers with direct or indirect re-injection air systems.

Range of equipment

Stein Drying Blow (hot air dryer) Hot air reinjection from a fume recuperative system
Stein Drying Blow (blowing indirect air dryer) Gas (COG) heating solution, high quality post treatment 
Stein Drying Blow (blowing direct air dryer CGL (carbon) and CCL 
Stein Drying Flam (direct flame dryer) Chemical and passivation pre-treatment on galvanizing lines
Stein Drying Induction Compact drying solution for pre & post-treatment on processing lines
Stein Drying ElectricalChemical & passivation applications 
Stein Drying Air Knife (air & hot air knife)Strip wiping after a water cooler on galvanizing and painting lines 

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