Hybrid solution for long products

Fives has developed a new hybrid solution with a reheat furnace and CELES CELINE LP inductors for long products. 

An induction heating process that provides very rapid heating is a very attractive solution for steel producers. Such a heating solution mostly applies to high capacity hot-rolling mills that require high power and density. 

A high-flux inductor should be installed at the furnace discharge outlet to enable the furnace to operate at a lower temperature while the billet is being quickly reheated at the constant temperature before it is delivered to the mill. 

Long product reheating-FIVES

The power is injected into the product up to 4 to 6 MW/m2, which is 6 times more than the capability of conventional inductors. It eliminates the temperature difference between a head and a tail of the billet and reduces skid marks. Due to lower operating temperature of the furnace, the technology allows for the reduction of electricity and maintenance costs.  

CELES CELINE LP has a very compact footprint so it can easily be integrated into existing lines. It's mainly used for continuous casting lines before roughing mills or finishing mill stands, or at reheating furnaces or in thermal profile correction machinery at rolling lines. 


The combination of CELES CELINE LP and a gas reheating furnace for a standard 360,000 t/y mill provides the following advantages:

  • Metal loss: 66% less
  • Production cost: 40% less
  • NOx emissions: 42% less