Stein Rototherm, solutions especially for tubes

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The Stein Rototherm furnace incorporates two innovative technologies:

  • The eccentric Rototherm Technology
  • The Digit@l Furnace® Technology 

This combination gives much more flexibility leading to lower operating costs and optimum product quality.

The Stein Rototherm furnace can be used for all the heating applications required for a tube mill:

  • For reheating between the piercing and sizing machines on the hot mill
  • For the austenitizing and tempering furnaces on a Quench and Tempering (Q&T) heat treatment line

Main characteristics :

Fives has developed and industrially proven the dual innovative technologies into their furnaces which are marketed under the brand Stein Rototherm.

  • Eccentric drive: permits product rotation to be obtained either with notch change (forward rotation) or without notch change (rotation on the spot).
  • Individual on/off control of burners: flexibility and quality. Each burner is individually controlled leading to uniform pipe temperatures, lower consumption and lower NOx emissions.

As well as the gas fired technology, Fives can also offer an induction heated solution instead of the Stein Rototherm furnaces or a mixed gas/induction solution can also be offered. Refer to the Celes Celine® inductor.

For the quenching process after the austenitizing furnace we also offer descaling rings and tangential quenching units.

Finally we have also developed an innovative barred type charging door for the frontal charging of extra large tubes with short charging cycles.

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