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Fives has been a pioneer in minispangle process by having designed Stein Minispangle, which is a companion system to continuous galvanizing strip lines. 

High quality coating

Fives has started to develop this technology more than 40 years ago by applying nuclei constitution of the zinc, in the form of powder conveyed by air, to minimize “spangles” in galvanized strips. The system is installed downstream of the zinc coating bath, with zinc dust minispangle process targeting two purposes at the same time: solidification and crystal nuclei deposition. This allows to obtain an extremely fine crystallization of the coating in order to achieve high surface quality for precoated and color coated strips.

Fives developed several technological improvements to meet increased quality and parameters requirements: 

  • Multi-slot blowing system for high output CGL (output variations and severe slowdowns)
  • Blowing system with slots for high output CGL and improved coating uniformity
  • Direct cold air blowing system (compact design and high efficiency)

Range of equipment

Stein Minispangle 1.0
fix type
low capacity CGL
Stein Minispangle 1.0 movable typehigh capacity CGL
Stein Minispangle 1.0 precoolerspecific conditions, suitable for a limited space cooling tower

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