Virtuo®-R Level 2 system for reheating furnace optimization

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Virtuo®-R Level 2 system for reheating furnace optimization

Your activity generates important operating expenses, and we know it. A reheating furnace is a too complex equipment to be fully managed by manual control. At Fives, we considered this very seriously, that's why we have developed a software solution dedicated to full automatic reheating process optimization.

This unmatched technology is made of intelligent programs to help you run your equipment. They are good at things manual control cannot achieve, because they analyze and calculate quickly, and they are accurate and reactive.

Thanks to proven physical based models, Virtuo®-R manages all production conditions in order to get the best of your equipment.

Virtuo®-R communicates with furnace bots : data acquisition.

Virtuo®-R automatically rules the whole furnace management.

Works with any type of walking beam, walking hearth, rotary hearth, and pusher furnaces.

Customer's benefits:

Benefits of Virtuo®-R optimization system can be seen at your side through eco-performance and savings, quality improvement and output increase:

  • Quick ROI (CAPEX absorbed in few months + No OPEX )
  • Reduced gas consumption with HOS of ~9 to 22% per year
  • Increased production During Hot Charging > +12% production
  • Global rate increase from +3 to +15% (reduced discharging interval)
  • Improved product quality
  • 100% of products discharging temperature difference less than ±10°C
  • Scale losses reduction up to 20%
  • Establish et transfer production and consumption reports to ERP
  • Helps presetting rolling stands in providing slabs temperatures and characteristics to the mill
  • Products heating curves storage and transfer to ERP

Unique software architecture for ROI and performance

The furnace optimizing control system is designed to avoid production bottleneck to the mill, to reach the maximum possible production rate while minimized the energy consumption.

We have proven models and controls

  • Models driven functions
  • Thermal tracking
  • Optimal heating curves
  • Remaining residence times
  • Process and control functionalities
  • Control functions
  • Set-points management
  • Active pacing
  • Fuzzy logic
  • Delays and stoppage management
  • Virtuo®-R determines the thermal behaviour of any product and manages them in the furnace with dedicated actions.
  • Thermal answer of your equipment is de facto the most appropriate.
  • This guarantees a result of the best quality.



Fives has now installed such model on more than 180 furnaces of all types (pusher, walking hearth, walking beam furnaces...). The system makes it possible to lower fuel consumption, as well as increasing output simultaneously.

Virtuo®-R is profitable.

Client's Application

Çolakoğlu, which is now a major steel-producing company, selected Fives to implement Virtuo®-R on its plant in Turkey which became de facto one of the most modern facilities in the World.

Below, some important figures measured after implementation of Virtuo®-R:

  • fuel consumption reduced of 11.5%
  • scale loss reduced of 11.5%
  • 18,8°C skidmarks attenuated of 18%
  • longitudinal homogeneity improved of 22%

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