Bronx long product straighteners

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Fives has more than 60 years experience in developing equipment for long product straightening, and has produced and supplied over 800 Bronx straightening machines in more than 50 countries. Offering custom-built machines to suit individual requirements and providing straightening solutions for any material composition and sizes, Bronx machines provide high standards of straightness, surface finish and controlled surface hardness. Solutions include the latest in computer-controlled adjustments and quick-change roll removal technology for improved production capabilities and reduced downtime. 

Bronx bar straighteners

Bronx bar straighteners cover a range from 1.5mm to 300mm in diameter, and possess high throughput speeds of up to 180 meters per minute, depending upon machine type, bar size and application.

Bronx section straighteners

Bronx machines accurately and efficiently straighten the widest range of ferrous and nonferrous sections produced. The range of machines includes fixed centre, variable centre, multi-strand, two plane and between housing.

Bronx rail straighteners

Bronx rail straightening installation comprises both a horizontal-axis straightening machine and a vertical-axis straightening machine, together with all necessary electrical and hydraulic equipment.

Fives also designs a wide range of Bronx tube straighteners - six roll & ten roll straightening machines - that deliver compelling solutions to the market. The Bronx machines have some distinctive features, accomplishing a set up with relative ease to achieve the required straightness for your product.

Bronx tube straightener

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