Bronx section straighteners

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Bronx section straightener from Fives

Fives designs and supplies the broadest range of high performance Bronx section straighteners available today, accurate and efficiently straightening the widest range of ferrous and nonferrous sections produced. Bronx machines include:

  • Fixed centre section straighteners
  • Variable centre section straighteners
  • Multi-strand section straighteners
  • Two plane section straighteners
  • Between housing section straighteners

Variable operational speeds

Engineered to rolling mill standards with a heavy fabricated steel main frame, Bronx section straighteners can be built to provide single, two, three or variable operational speeds to suit individual requirements. Whatever design is chosen, the driven top work roll shafts always have the option of motorized or manual adjustment.

Bronx variable center straighteners

Bronx variable center straighteners are utilized for processes that require the flexibility to straighten with a wider range of sections than would be possible with a fixed center. The variable center on the Bronx 11/18 machine, for example, has centers variable between 45 – 70 inches (1140 – 1780mm) and is used to straighten a variety of rolled steel sections, from 6 x 6 inch (150 x 150mm) angles up to very heavy sheet piles and large beams.

Bronx multi-strand straighteners

Bronx multi-strand straighteners can be designed according to productivity requirements, either wide-bodied and slow running, or narrow-bodied and fast running. The original design was improved to incorporate quick roll-change capability and between-housings design. This improves rigidity compared to the original cantilevered roll shaft-type machines and ensures equal work is carried out on all sections.

Bronx two plane and between housing machines

Bronx two plane machines are used for straightening round, square and hexagonal material where the sections can be straightened on two planes in one pass. The between-housing design for billet straightening provides extra rigidity when long runs of similar profile materials are desired. The rolls are mounted between the housings, which enables the machine to have shorter roll centres and handle a larger range of sections than would normally be possible.

Ship builder puts trust in Bronx straightening equipment

Leading cruise ship builder Meyer Turku, Finland, contracted Fives to design and deliver a fully automated and motorized Bronx 13-roll straightening machine to straighten bulb sections up to 220mm wide. The bulb sections in question feature heavily in the construction of cruise ships, ferries and special vessels and will form part of a profile preservation line. This was the customer’s second order in four years for a Bronx straightening machine.

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