Stein forging furnaces

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Stein forging furnace

Stein forging furnaces are used to heat products such as ingots, round or square billets, etc. Fives’ range includes:

  • Continuous rotary hearth furnaces with charging and discharging machines
  • Batch type bell or chamber, in/out furnaces
  • Pit furnaces
  • Bogie hearth furnaces

Stein forging furnace applications

Stein rotary hearth furnaces are widely used to reheat round billets that are used in wheel forge shops. In these furnaces, the products can be loaded either in vertical or horizontal arrangement depending on their dimensions. Fully automated charging and discharging machines can be supplied upon request. Mobile transport manipulators and special tongs with 90º orientation during loading and unloading from the furnace can also be used.

Stein chamber furnaces have a simple and efficient design and can be installed in batteries consisting on several chambers for various sizes and loads. These furnaces can also be supplied with customized machines.

Stein bogie hearth furnaces are used for the heating of large ingots. The bogies are loaded outside the furnace and then introduced inside the chamber.

Benefits of Stein forging furnace technology

Fully automated advanced combustion systems are widely used in these furnaces with or without central recuperator burners. It enables efficient combustion and low NOx emissions, while the burners fire a number of different fuels, including liquid or gaseous types.
Combustion systems comply with gas appliance regulations and include all measures for safe operation of the furnaces.

  • Low fuel consumption
  • Excellent temperature homogeneity
  • Flexibility of operation
  • Reduced emissions
  • High performance reliability

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