Stein roller hearth furnace

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Stein roller hearth furnace

The Stein roller hearth furnace is a tailor-made solution with specific roller design and selection based on the furnace temperature range, the atmosphere inside the chamber, the products and the loads to be processed. They can be designed for continuous or batch operation for the different heat treatment processes, including:

  • Annealing 
  • Quench and tempering (austempering)
  • Normalizing
  • Stress relief

The Stein roller hearth furnace range is used for the heat treatment of bars, tubes, wire rod coils and heavy plates.

The Stein roller hearth furnaces offer heat treatment temperatures typically ranging from 600 ºC up to 1050 ºC depending on the application with tolerances adapted to each process, with or without protective atmosphere. Electric heating is also available. 

Modular design

Fives has developed a modular design for narrow furnaces that includes different types of lining, such as fibrous materials, bricks and light castable for the hearth and lower walls. Burners and rolls can be pre-mounted in sections in order to reduce the overall installation time.

Stein roller hearth furnace

Stein roller hearth furnace installation

The Stein roller hearth furnace installation consists typically of a charging table, a furnace, a cooling chamber and a discharge table. All of the components of the installation are fully automated and controlled. An atmosphere generator is installed when required (exothermic or endothermic gas generator). Nitrogen is also commonly used as inert gas.

Austempering lines for Special Bar Quality (SBQ) consist of a charging grid, an austenitizing furnace, water and/or oil immersion quench tanks with all the required recirculation and agitation systems, one or two tempering furnaces and the discharge grid. An automated bar transfer and lifter system is also installed to transfer the bars from the furnaces to/from the quench tanks.

Advanced combustion system

Fully automated advanced combustion systems include regenerative/self recuperative type, cold/hot air via a recuperator, on/off technology. On/off pulse firing enables efficient combustion and low NOx emissions, while the burners fire a number of different gaseous fuels, including natural gas, LPG, etc. Combustion systems comply with gas appliances regulations and include all measures for safe operation of the furnaces.

Indirect heating is done with radiant tubes including AdvanTek® burners. 

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