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Cold rolling mills-FIVES

A wide range of Cold Rolling Mills

Fives is recognized as one of the top designer and manufacturer of cold rolling mills in terms of quality of its products and scope of its innovation. Its technological leadership with its engineering experience distinguishes Fives as a singular builder of mills for stainless steel, silicon steel, carbon steel and nonferrous materials like copper and titanium.

20-rolls monoblock housing mills

The 20-rolls mill distinctiveness is the use of small work rolls. That means it easily withstands increased stress from strain hardening and achieves significant reductions without intermediate annealing.

The 20-rolls mill is the perfect equipment for a wide range of rolling requirements. Its design makes it especially suitable for working extremely hard materials and reducing metal strips to very thin thicknesses (down to 30 microns). This equipment achieves the best flatness performance on hot-rolled products. Its use is also mandatory when processing materials that require a bright surface (mirror-effect strips).

The mills come in three ranges (DMS CRM 21, DMS CRM 22 and DMS CRM 23) based on the end-user's strip width requirement and desired thickness reduction.

20-rolls twin housing mills

Among all products, some materials are brittle and more sensitive to strip breakage, which involves improving access to the mill stand in case of strip break.

This prompted Fives to design the 20-rolls mill with twin housing, thereby offering the benefits of both 20-rolls mill and 4-rolls mill. These rolling mills have been optimized to increase the opening strokes and increase the range of the rolls diameter compatible with this type of mill. This gives the mill a capacity to process a wide variety of strip thicknesses and materials with a broad range of mechanical properties in a cost-effective manner.

18-rolls mills

The 18-rolls mill has an interesting cost-performance ratio. It strikes a perfect balance between work rolls diameter and achieving a good flatness.

18-rolls mills are suitably designed for reduction processes in an integrated processing line. Based on the desired thickness reduction, a series of several 18-rolls mills forming a tandem are installed on the line. Once the multi-housing tandem is built, it takes just one processing step for all the operations required to shape hot-rolled coils into medium thickness finished products.

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