Side trimmers and scrap management systems

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A wide range of side trimming equipment for all types of steel

The Fives side trimmers features a special design and blade positioning technology that offer clean accurate edge cutting for any kind of metal strip. Fives side trimmers are designed for a wide range of widths and thicknesses.

Easier maintenance system and optimized blades replacement

Blade replacement on Fives side trimmer was optimized so cutting equipment can be changed very rapidly to keep line production disruption down to a minimum. It can also be equipped with a twin-head system, which allows cutting tools replacement without stopping the production line, while guaranteeing the operator safety.

High-performance scrap management

Several scrap management systems are available for this machine.

  • It can be equipped with a scrap chopper to make variable length steel scraps removed by a belt conveyor and discharged into a container.
  • This system can also be equipped with a scrap press system device that creates compressed "packets" of steel scrap. These compressed "packets" are then removed and taken to a container.
  • There is also a scrap baler system that makes "bales" out of edge trimmings. Intermediate storage system and material guiding systems automatically and safely feed the trimmed scrap into the winding shaft. This system does not require manual handling and ensures smooth non-stop operation.

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