Pay-off reels

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DMS - Double Pay-Off Reel - Dérouleuse Double--FIVES

Pay-off reels 

It's a typical equipment on any coil processing line. These machines can also be found around other equipment such as rolling mills and off-line skin pass mills. Placed at the line entry, the pay-off reels unwinds the coil, then the strip is processed through the treatment line and re-coiled again on the tension reel. The mandrels is the core of pay-off and tension reels on which the coil is loaded all along the uncoiling and re-coiling processes.

Double rotating ray-off reels

Backed by its extensive experience in processing lines and mills, Fives has designed a revolutionary concept of pay-off reel system. Processing lines that handle high production volumes typically have two pay-off reels areas. While one pay-off area delivers the strip to the line, the second pay-off area is preparing the next coil to be processed. The drawback of this system is the cost of buying twice the different strip preparation equipment in this area and in addition the extra cost for building and civil works. With Fives’ double pay-off reel, the next coil can be prepared while the first coil is processing. The new coil is then put on line by rotating the pay-off reel 180°.

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