Proven track record in Heat treatment furnaces

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Long and reliable expertise

Fives proposes its customers a wide range of furnaces for the heat treatment of different types of products: bars, round ingots, tubes, square sections.

These furnaces can be: 

  • Rotary hearth furnaces (Stein Heatreat RtHF)
  • Roller hearth furnaces (Stein Heatreat RollHF)
  • Notch furnaces (Stein Rototherm)
  • Car bottom & batch furnaces

Main characteristics:

  • Reduced operating costs
  • Flexible process, virtual heating zones
  • High efficiency, reduced NOx emission
  • High temperature uniformity


Satisfying the demands of our clients we have greatly reduced our delivery delays as well as the erection and start up time, thanks to the redesign of our furnaces, so their main parts, such as walls or roof can be pre-manufactured by modules.

Thanks to the precedent, we have established a new record in the erection and start up of a reheating furnace (including the dismounting of the old furnace) in our project for ACERALIA PERFILES ZARAGOZA (formerly RICO-ECHEVARRIA), in just 28 days. Even less time than the yearly shutdown for maintenance.

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