AdvanTek®, burners with full automatic ON/OFF control

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Rigorous processes under continuous improvement

AdvanTek® burners are manufactured in our facility in Bar-le-Duc, France, following rigorous quality processes. AdvanTek® is a proprietary technology of Fives group.

  • AdvanTek® is the only technology which fully separates the burner capacity control and the flame length control
  • AdvanTek® is the only technology which operates the burners at the optimum capacity at any production rate and operation conditions.

AdvanTek® range

AdvanTek® burners are equipped with combustion systems designed to operate with different fuel types - coke oven gas (COG), natural gas (NG), mixed gas (MG), liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), heavy fuel oil (HFO), domestic fuel oil (FO)...- and have also the capability to operate in dual-fuel modes mixing two fuel gases directly within the burners.

Fives has developed 2 ranges of burners:

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The world's most efficient combustion system until now

As a world leader in thermal engineering, most relevant designer and supplier of industrial furnaces, Fives offers a wide range of burners and combustion systems suited to its various applications through proprietary equipment dedicated to the process: AdvanTek® burners, developed by Fives with the aim to optimize the steel product quality, the energy consumption of furnaces and the environmental impact of furnaces (especially NOx emissions).

The development of burners is based on CFD calculation, measurements in our tests center facilities and also actual operation in industrial furnaces. These developments focus on improved heat transfer and flame stability as well as reduced emissions.

AdvanTek® burners are now recognized as worldwide references for combustion using various types of fuels and are integrated in all Fives' new furnaces and revamping projects.

AdvanTek® is the only technology which permits outstanding performances through combination of:

  • High energy efficiency
  • Ultra-Low NOx combustion technology
  • Full automatic control of the process conditions by the Level 1 control system and Level 2 optimization systems, Virtuo™
  • Fuel-flexible, according to available fuel on site

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