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A range of reliable cooling technologies to better serve steelmakers

As a leading player in thermal engineering, serving all the world largest steelmakers, our vision is driven by the needs of our final customers, willing to have the best quality metals with a high elasticity profile, especially for automotive and construction markets.

We propose 2 main technologies dedicated to steel cooling:

  • Flash Cooling®, a worldwide standard to process AHSS, with the world's fastest cooling speeds range.
  • Aeris®, a key technology for galvanization, improving strip stability and zinc coating control accuracy. To better serve steelmakers, both technologies have also been adapted for a wet and a dry process.

The quality of our clients' steel mainly results from performance of the cooling technology used.

Over many years, Fives has gained a wide expertise for the cooling treatment of steel.

Huge efforts of R&D have been made to achieve ultimate performance of our cooling technologies.

The Flash Cooling®, installed in more than 29 processing lines in the world, is a major proof of our reliability to process AHSS. While its wet process has been designed for Annealing (CAL), its dry process is a standard for Galvanization (CGL).

The Aeris® technology is dedicated to galvanization. The concept shortens the cooling length keeping the same cooling capacity, thanks to higher blowing speed at shorter distance. Because of efficient air cushion device (PAD) it allows ultimate strip stabilization.

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