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DMS - Skin Pass Mill - 2Hi full--FIVES

A full line of skin pass mills

Fives provides skin pass mills for any application and all types of steel (stainless steel, carbon steel and galvanized steel). It offers an endless selection of in-line skin pass and off-line skin pass, including the Duo (2-Hi), Quarto (4-Hi) and Sexto (6-Hi) models. These skin pass mills are also available in a tandem version with two or more stands.

Skin pass 2-Hi mills

Skin pass 2-Hi mills are mainly used for stainless steel. This skin pass mill is designed for the high cleanness requirement that high-quality strips demand, particularly its roll polishing system and double acting hydraulic cylinder for the roll force. A common aim in our designs is the easy access to all sections of the machine for simple and effective operation and maintenance.

Skin pass 4-Hi mills

Skin pass 4-Hi mills are used on galvanizing lines (combined with a tension leveler) and continuous annealing lines. This skin pass mill is designed for a variety of steel products, from very low to very high strength, with two ranges of work rolls diameter and a high-performance roll cleaning system.

Skin pass 6-Hi mills

Skin pass 6-Hi mills are mainly used in continuous annealing lines. With the two additional intermediate rolls, this skin pass mill can produce better flatness under any operating conditions. It is especially flexible, both in terms of all the grades processed and the widths, thicknesses and production speed. It comes with two work roll diameter ranges and is equipped with shifting system for the intermediate rolls able to move under load.

Tandems skin pass mills

Ideally suited for carbon steel rolling lines, Fives also offers solutions to integrate Single Reduction (SR) or Double Reduction (DR) skin pass mill tandems into production lines. These mills can operate in wet or dry conditions depending on the customer's application.

Roll change cars for all skin pass mills

The modern design of this system allows rolls to go through the mill stand. Combined with a fast roll changer car, this design is the ideal system for a fast and effective roll change and is particularly well adapted to in-line Skin-Pass Mills.

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