Mechanical process & terminal equipment

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DMS - Cold Rolling Mill 20 Cylinders - Laminoir 20 Cylindres--FIVES

Fives provides mechanical strip processing expertise (strip rolling and strip transportation), as well as design and supply of complete mechanical equipment for processing lines: 

  • Strip rolling (DMS cold rolling mills, DMS skin-pass mills, fumes & coolant treatment systems, flatness measuring & control systems, wiping systems and roll cleaning systems)
  • Strip stretching and descaling (DMS skin-pass mills, tension levelers and scale breakers)
  • Strip cutting and trimming (DMS side trimmers and scrap management systems, shears and notchers)
  • Strip transportation (DMS pay-off reels, tension reels and mandrels)
  • Coil and roll handling equipment
  • Software tools: unique line tension management software DMS LTMTM  and production assistance software DMS RMGTM

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