Steel Training Academy


Training programs from Fives

Training equips staff to operate plant machinery at optimum levels of performance and safety. Fives has designed a range of training programs that cover all the challenges steelmakers might face over the lifecycle of their operations to empower staff and improve team performance.


  • Metallurgy and metallurgical mechanisms 
  • Steel manufacturing process (basics) 
  • Product (steel & coating) properties and applications 
  • ZnAlMg product and process 
  • Methods for defect resolution 
  • Main defects in steelmaking and hot rolling 
  • Main defects in pickling, cold rolling and galvanizing 
  • Quality control & surface aspect analysis 
  • Defect classification & surface inspection system 
  • Automotive certification 
  • Customer technical support for steelmakers 
  • Customer technical support for KAM 
  • Quality management system 
  • Continuous casting process 
  • Hot rolling process 
  • Cold rolling process 
  • Pickling & degreasing process 
  • Annealing process 
  • Induction heating 
  • Galvanizing process 
  • Skin-pass



  • Eyeron
  • SmartLine 
  • Virtuo 


  • Reheating furnace: operation & maintenance 
  • Reheating furnace: burner & combustion systems 
  • 20Hi cold rolling mill 
  • Strip drive: operation & maintenance 
  • Mechanical equipment
  • Pickling equipment: operation & maintenance 
  • Degreasing equipment: operation & maintenance 
  • Annealing furnace: operation & maintenance 
  • Annealing furnace: combustion systems 
  • Annealing furnace: cooling equipment 
  • Annealing furnace: atmosphere control 
  • Induction heating technology 
  • Galvanization equipment 
  • Skin-pass mill: operation & maintenance 
  • Strip coating line equipment


Fives offers an immersive approach to training via virtual reality. Virtual factory tours can be equipped with interactive scenarios targeted at resolving errors, as one example of many possibilities. These trainings will be custom-designed to the client’s context.

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