Steel technology provider

  • NeoKoil® strip processing line
  • Stein Digit@al Furnace®
  • DMS cold rolling mill
  • Fives strip pickling system
  • Bronx section straightener

Steel technology provider: complete solutions

At Fives, the Steel business line provides steelmakers with complete solutions: process expertise and breakthrough technologies for the carbon, stainless and silicon steel sectors to optimize performance (costs and product quality) and meet the new needs and applications of the steel market, in particular high value-added steel grades.

As a steel technology provider, Fives' complete range includes:

  • Customer strategy development
  • Metallurgical and technological process expertise
  • Design and supply of reheating and heat treatment furnaces (including induction heating solutions) 
  • Cold rolling mills for stainless and silicon steels
  • Complete strip processing lines for carbon (AHSS, UHSS) and stainless steel grades
  • Proprietary mechanical, surface treatment, thermal, cooling, induction and post treatment technologies and equipment 
  • Digital tools and automation systems
  • Full range of services: cost optimization, upgrade, training, operation and maintenance assistance

More than 150 years of experience

Fives’ steel business originated in 1867. Its history of innovation is marked by strategic acquisitions and exciting technological breakthroughs. Today, the group holds design offices and manufacturing workshops across Europe, India, the USA and China, and is served by a team of highly skilled technicians and engineers, specialising in development, design, manufacturing, sales, retrofit and commissioning. These specialists provide complete solutions and global services to ensure technological partnership to achieve ultimate performance.

Higher operational efficiencies

Fives offers know-how and operational support to help steel producers achieve reduced operational expenses and optimum product quality. Fives is continually investing in the development of breakthrough technologies to meet the industry’s demand for high value-added steel grades, as well as the needs of new steel applications. This enables Fives to stay at the forefront of technological processes and originate innovative designs, such as NeoKoil® strip processing line for carbon, stainless and silicon steels, Stein Digiflex® and Stein Digit@l Furnace®.

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