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Digital technologies are powerful tools to improve operational efficiency. Fives has developed a range of digital technologies to support good manufacturing methodologies, providing a comprehensive approach to industrial excellence. The aim is always to improve process efficiency and product quality, eliminate equipment failure and improve environmental and operational safety.

Eyeron™, quality improvement tool

Eyeron™ is a quality improvement tool that captures and analyzes data from all processing lines to resolve quality control challenges.

OTOMES, modular manufacturing execution system

OTOMES is a highly flexible and modular manufacturing execution system that tracks and records every aspect of production processes.

AdvanTek® combustion system

AdvanTek® combustion system for reheating furnaces or processing line furnaces ensures optimum combustion control and minimized NOx. 

Virtuo®, thermal solution for furnaces

Virtuo® enables better thermal control of reheating and strip processing line furnaces for optimum production quality and efficiency.

DMS OptiLine™, strip processing line designer

DMS OptiLine™ is a unique and precise software tool, which simulates the complete running of a strip processing line. 

DMS OptiMill™, rolling process calculator

DMS OptiMill™ simulates operations and defines the best mode of operation and equipment for rolling mills and skin-pass mills.

Predictive smart maintenance from Fives

Smart maintenance is an intelligent equipment management tool designed to increase machine life and optimize performance by predicting problems before they occur, creating customized reports and analysis to enable operators to take preventive action in a timely and efficient manner.