OTOMES, manufacturing execution system

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Industry 4.0

OTOMES, developed by Fives, is a highly flexible and modular manufacturing execution system (MES) tailored to meet the needs of steel processing operations. OTOMES tracks and records every aspect of production to ensure operators can manage the process in real-time, undertake medium-term corrective actions and better define business strategy.

OTOMES is able to collect and store a huge amount of production data into a database, process it and show in a user-friendly format. This provides a powerful tool to keep even complex relations in the manufacturing processes under control and in compliance with the company’s strategic plans.

It is structured into two levels: Manager and Field. OTOMES Manager is composed of a number of modules from configuration and machines set-up to production management. OTOMES Field is designed for operators to manage field peripherals such as thermal printers, barcode scanners, scales, piece counters, etc.

Main features of manufacturing execution system OTOMES:

  • Automatic data acquisition
  • Data centralization of any production process
  • Highlighting process parameters through production dashboards
  • Implementation of KPI for analysis and measurement of improvement
  • Real-time information to support critical decisions
  • Integration with other information systems
  • Direct connection to the machine and to the plant
OTOMES, manufacturing execution system

Main advantages:

  • Increased productivity of both personnel and machinery
  • Quick and accurate production control 
  • Increased scrap control and quality
  • Stock updated in real time 
  • Instant monitor in your hand over the plant 
  • Automatic data entry, eliminating paper usage
  • Points out hidden costs
  • Predictability of delivery times
  • Detailed tracking of production
  • Product manufacturing times
  • Efficiency
  • Stock rotation
  • Average lead times

Module options

As a modular system, users can choose to implement all or only some parts of OTOMES. Module options include: 


Recording downtime duration and analyzing its cause. This data is sent to the appropriate department – e.g. maintenance, mechanical, electrical – and if the downtime persists past the point of being ‘normal’, management is alerted so that they are aware of a delay in production and the cause. 

Technological tracking

Enabling goods and process tracking by connection to the PLC, giving real-time access to all production parameters.

Business intelligence

Creating customized company dashboards, KPIs, multidimensional reports and graphs, and budgeting control, efficiency index, stock rotation, scrap & second quality, lead times.

Warehouse management

Monitoring inventory and improving supply chain management from order inception to delivery.

Quality check

Serving for statistical process control management. An unlimited number of measurement types can be defined and reported on.


Showing the current situation of each work centre, including real time processing speed, orders in progress, produced and consumed materials, etc. Historic reports are also available.

Document management

Automating the distribution of documents to all work canters, for example tool calibrations, procedures, manuals, etc.


Helping manufacturers manage their assets by recording and analyzing KPIs such as downtime hours, maintenance service response time and average time of repair. Using this data, the business can deploy maintenance resources and schedule maintenance more effectively.


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