SmartLine, automatic line control system

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SmartLine, automatic strip processing line control system

Fives and Marcegaglia developed the SmartLine solution, a fully automatic strip processing line control system based on predictive modeling, to ensure the best quality yield and productivity.

The SmartLine incorporates both physical models and a machine learning approach to correlate data from the upstream metallurgical process with data acquired on the downstream process. It determines the optimal setpoints for the annealing, coating, and tempering steps of the downstream process to establish with minimal error the desired final mechanical and surface properties of the finished coils.

Functional concept

  • Data acquisition
  • Predictive modeling
  • Setpoint optimization
  • Data analysis

Targeted properties

  • Tensile and yield strength
  • Elongation
  • Metallurgical phases
  • Grain size

Outstanding results

The Smartline can be used to control any steel process line for flat products, such as continuous galvanizing lines (CGL) or continuous annealing lines (CAL). It achieves the desired properties of steel grades (CQ to EDDQ, SS, HSLA, BH, DP, TRIP, Q&P, etc.) automatically:

  • Greater than 2% increase in quality yield thanks to the fully automated and optimized system 
  • Enhanced productivity by reaching maximal speed at any time while respecting steel grades quality constraints
  • The use of predictive models enhances production flexibility through an optimized management of steel grades transitions and thermal cycles
  • The return on investment time is less than one year per one CGL

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