Stein heat treatment furnaces

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Heat treatment is used to improve the physical properties of a product to achieve a desired result, such as hardening or softening. Fives offers a range of Stein heat treatment furnaces for different processes: preheating before forging, normalizing, annealing (isothermal, globular, subcritical, soft, etc.), stress relieving, tempering, hardening, quench and tempering (austempering). Prefabrication technology is available, including complete preassembly of the furnace with combustion equipment and piping. Depending on the furnace type and size, they can be transported in a single piece to the customer’s site.

Stein bogie hearth furnace

Stein bogie hearth furnaces offer heat treatment temperatures ranging from 600 ºC up to 1350 ºC depending on the application and with tolerances adapted to each process.

Stein rotary hearth furnace

The modular rotary hearth furnace - Stein Helyo® RtH - is used for reheating round billets used in seamless tube mills, forging plants and for heat treatment (annealing, quenching) of wire rod coils.

Stein roller hearth furnace

The Stein roller hearth furnace is a tailor-made solution with specific roller design and selection based on the furnace temperature range, covering a wide variety of applications and processes.

Stein specialty furnace

Stein specialty furnaces are used to heat treat strip coils, wired rod coils, cast iron tubes or graphite electrodes. They include a series of heating and holding chambers as well as heating systems.

Stein forging furnaces are used to heat products such as ingots, round or square billets, etc. Different types of efficient forging furnaces are available depending on the application, product and layout constraints.

Stein forging furnace

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