Stein bogie hearth furnace

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Stein bogie hearth furnace

Stein bogie hearth furnaces offer heat treatment temperatures typically ranging from 600 ºC up to 1350 ºC depending on the application and with tolerances adapted to each process. Electric heating is also available.

Stein bogie hearth furnace range is used for the heat treatment of bars, plates, coils and tubes, including:

  • Preheating before forging
  • Stress relief in metal products, pressure vessels, rolls, etc.
  • Various annealing processes
  • Quench and tempering
  • Normalizing

Benefits of Stein bogie hearth furnace technology:

  • Low fuel consumption
  • Excellent temperature homogeneity
  • Flexibility of operation
  • Reduced emissions
  • High performance reliability

Fully automated advanced combustion systems include regenerative/self recuperative type, cold/hot air via a recuperator, on/off technology. On/off pulse firing enables efficient combustion and low NOx emissions, while the burners can fire a number of different fuels, including natural gas, LPG, HFO, LDO, kerosene, BFG, COG and mixed gas.

Combustion systems comply with gas appliance regulations and include all measures for safe operation.

Stein bogie hearth furnace range from Fives

Stein bogie hearth furnaces: flexible and efficient

The bogies are loaded outside the furnace and then introduced inside the chamber. They can be motorized by means of a gearbox and rack & pinion driving system or by means of a truck & pulley system. In some applications more than one bogie can be used to reduce handling times (charging and discharging cold and hot loads).

Different multi-layer linings are available, including fibrous materials, dense and light castables for the hearth and specially pre-shaped support blocks. Tightness between the movable hearth and the walls is assured by means of a retractable water (or sand) trough and blades. Tightness between the hearth and the door is done by means of an automatic clamping system.

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