Fives at the Surface Inspection Summit in USA


Fives was a gold sponsor of the Surface Inspection Summit (SIS) which took place on March 17-18, 2015 in Pittsburgh, USA.

The two-day summit gathered more than 100 participants, experts and suppliers of surface inspection and quality assurance technology, with the main focus being on automated surface inspection system (ASIS) equipment and processing data software. 

Fives made two presentations regarding KEODS solutions: AbSISTM surface quality control software and EyeronTM quality management software. AbSISTM software provides an overview of the surface defects maps, allowing for a surface defect to be tracked from upstream to downstream and the inspection system’s detectors to be tuned. AbSISTM software was presented by a user from ArcelorMittal. 

EyeronTM is a web application that regroups all data from different process lines, and offers a clear visualization, fast analysis and treatments on all the data, as well as smart qualification (coil grading) through customized rules. 

KEODS has been a well-known brand in the market since 2006, created by qualified metallurgists to answer the needs of high value-added automotive steel producers.