Gold sponsorship for Surface Inspection Summit (SIS) Europe


Fives is a gold sponsor of the Surface Inspection Summit (SIS) Europe which takes place on September 28-29 in Aachen, Germany.

The Surface Inspection Summit 2016, organized by TEMA Technologie & Marketing AG, will gather together leading suppliers of surface inspection and quality assurance systems, experienced speakers and experts to give a comprehensive insight into state-of-the-art surface inspection systems for metals.

During the summit, Fives will make a presentation "MapStack: a software dedicated to surface defects cartographies superposition study". It will also present its offer on process expertise, technical consulting, metallurgical and surface inspection system assistance at the stand B03 at the SIS.Europe 2016 to be held in TEMA Pyramid, Aachen, Germany. 

Fives’ service includes calibration of the surface inspection system; detection and classification of real defects; evaluation to carmakers' requirements. The company has developed quality management software tools. AbSISTM allows for a surface defect to be tracked from upstream to downstream and a surface inspection system to be tuned well. EyeronTM regroups all data from different process lines, offers a clear visualization and fast analysis and treatments on all the data. 

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