Fives revamps a skin-pass mill for safe and easy operation

DMS SkinPass design

Lusosider Aços Planos, Portugal, entrusted Fives to revamp the bridle rolls in the skin-pass section for its continuous galvanizing line (CGL) which has already been revamped by the group.

The revamping project aims to increase operation reliability and facilitate maintenance. Fives will replace the existing combination of the entry gearbox and exit bridle rolls of the skin-pass with newly designed bridle rolls and will provide individual motorization for each motorized roll. A new DMS burr masher will be installed as part of the project, and an existing zinc bath gauge will be relocated to fit the new configuration.

The new equipment will be designed, delivered and commissioned by July 2019.

Lusosider, a part of the world integrated industrial complex CSN, has been a long-term partner of Fives. In 2000, it contracted the group to revamp the existing CGL to increase the line capacity to produce low carbon steel for construction. In 2016, in order to increase further capacity, Fives revamped the horizontal furnace of the line and installed an additional jet cooling unit.