Automation & control systems

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Quadro finally-FIVES

Electronic systems for the industrial process automation

Fives’ automation and control systems consists of a wide range of hardware and software among the most widespread on the world-wide market, matched with some internally engineered and designed products by Fives OTO Systems as some microprocessor electronic cards used to detect measuring tools, to control axis and some management and control production process, man-machine interface and supervision software.

The company know-how allowed to manage and offer a wide range of units, such as shaping and forming lines, tube lines, cutting lines, straighteners, tube finishing lines (sanding, bevelling, pressure test on tubes, heading), sheet or tube pickling units, coil painting lines, material handling, packing or filling units, etc.

Our offer of automation & control systems

  • A wide product offer, engineering/customisation-driven
  • Constant improvement of the intrinsic technological content
  • Operative solutions with proprietary software and motion control systems
  • Solid know-how and competences enabling answer to the needs of new industrial processes

Fives OTO (Systems Division) is a world-wide leader in the immediate cutting positioners, with more than 500 units installed all over the world.

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