Stein Reget@l Furnace, a walking beam furnace

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Stein Reget@l Furnace®

In countries where fuel costs are high, the Stein Reget@l Furnace® offers a low-cost and effective means of reheating steel using fuels with a low calorific value, such as blast furnace gases. Thanks to the advanced design of the AdvanTek® Regen burners, high temperatures can still be achieved, ensuring efficient reheating of a range of steel products, including some special steels. The Stein Reget@l Furnace® achieves the same product quality as Fives’ well-known Stein Digit@l Furnace®.

The Stein Reget@l Furnace® technology

The Stein Reget@l Furnace® is based on the same walking beam furnace technology as the Stein Digit@l Furnace®, and promises the same high quality. Just like the Stein Digit@l Furnace®, the digital combustion control system uses Virtuo®, a thermal performance optimizer.

The main difference between the two reheating furnace types is that this regenerative furnace is specifically designed to operate with low calorific fuels, such as flue gases. It uses Fives’ proprietary AdvanTek® Regen 2.0 regenerative burners, which produce a wide flat flame. Fuelled by low calorific fuels, such as blast furnace gas, this furnace uses gas regenerative heating and air preheating, rather than air and gas double-regenerative heating. 

Stein Reget@l Furnace® advantages:

This furnace is especially suited to those wishing to reduce fuel costs by making use of low calorific fuel sources. The relatively long recuperative zone at the furnace charging side enables steel products to be heated slowly, avoiding internal cracking and reducing scale loss and decarburization. This makes it possible to use the regenerative furnace for special steels, such as bearing steel and spring steel. 

Around 40% of the flue gas is exhausted from the flue duct at the charging end. An air recuperator and damper are installed in the flue duct to preheat air and control the furnace pressure, which is more stable because it will not be affected by the regenerator.

It’s also designed for easy maintenance, by using an external regenerative box and a more reasonable pipeline layout. This makes it easier for operators to use and to service, and also extends the furnace life.

AdvanTek® Regen burners

The regenerative burner AdvanTek® Regen 2.0 has a patented diffuser design that uses contractive and expanding nozzles to achieve a wide flat flame, which gives a more uniform furnace temperature and greater efficiency. This, in turn, results in low NOx emissions and a long furnace life. 

The burner also benefits from a modular design, which makes for easy maintenance. The air nozzle and gas nozzle are combined on the same independent baffle for easy mounting and dismounting. The burner diffuser, air inlet unit and regenerative box are all fixed independently, so it is not necessary to remove the box when the burner is replaced.

The burners are located in the side walls, either on the top and/or bottom of the reheat furnace. It’s designed to be operated in full on/off mode and either with or without a pilot burner.

Four sizes are available, ranging from 1500 to 2250 Nm3/h of BFG that can be combined based on 500/950˚C air/BFG temperature.

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