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Degreasing solutions from Fives

Fives designs and supplies degreasing systems for all steel processes:
- Hydro systems to easily remove oil and fines with a help of  water as the degreasing agent.  It's a small and simple system which typically makes up a part of cold annealing pickling lines (CAPL) for stainless steel.

- Chemical systems are typically used when the cleanliness requirements are higher or the oil is more difficult to remove from the strip due to its physical properties. These degreasing systems are used in continuous annealing or galvanizing lines (CAL, CGL, CAGL) that don't have a direct fire furnace or very dirty coils are processed.  

- Electrolytic degreasing systems are used for exposed automotive coils or when the highest level of cleanliness is required.

Such degreasing systems are tailored to customers’ requirements and built to last, offering cost and energy efficiency.

Hydro system

Hydro degreasing uses non-chemical technology for applications where the ultimate surface cleanliness is not required. It is well suited to processes where the oil and fines are easily removed. It treats strip prior to entering the furnace and is typically used for stainless steel applications or in other applications where high surface cleanliness is not important. 

The hydro degreasing system consists of a one or two stage degreasing system using hot water and a multi-step rinse section, followed by a hot air dryer. This non-chemical system has economic, environmental and safety benefits.

Alkaline degreasing

The alkaline degreasing system uses an alkaline solution to loosen fines and remove grease, providing a higher level of cleanliness than conventional degreasing. It consists of pre-degreasing, degreasing and rinsing. In every system the chemical solution is tailored to meet the customer’s requirements.

Electrolytic degreasing system

Electrolytic degreasing system

The electrolytic degreasing system utilizes a combination of chemical, mechanical and electrolytic degreasing processes to ensure the ultimate degree of strip cleanliness. A typical electrolytic degreasing system consists of:

  • Pre-greasing
  • Alkaline degreasing
  • Brush machines
  • Electrolytic treatment
  • Rinse sections
  • Chemical management and storage

Electrolytic degreasing system innovative design:

  • Efficient combination of spraying and dipping of the strip to enhance heat transfer and cleaning effect
  • A more effective and reliable system for separation of the metal fines from the process media
  • Balancing of the water requirements of the rinsing and degreasing sections to minimize the amount of water and degreasing chemical
  • High turbulent circulation to prevent solids from building up in the line tanks
  • Unique design of the spray bars and tanks to allow rapid and safe maintenance of the spray bars while the line is running

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