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Fives provides mechanical solutions from the entry coil handling section all the way to the exit for any type of NeoKoil® strip processing lines dedicated to the production of steel grades for automotive, construction, home appliances, white goods, as well as stainless and silicon steels. Whether CAL, CGL, CAGL, CGPL, CCL, HAPL, CAPL, BAL, DCL, ACL or FCL, Fives can meet your needs with reliable mechanical equipment designed for high quality output and low operating costs.

Entry coil section

The entry coil handling section for NeoKoil® strip processing lines includes: entry coil skid and car, pay off reel, threading pinch roll and flattener, shearing section and coil joining section. 

DMS skin-pass mills

DMS skin-pass mills are designed for every type of steel process: DMS SkinPass 2Hi for stainless steel; DMS SkinPass 4Hi and 6Hi are suitable for annealed or galvanized steel.

DMS strip levelers

Fives has developed a range of strip levelers - DMS StripLeveler which achieves the proper elongation and improves strip flatness in continuous strip processing lines.

DMS shears

DMS strip levelers achieve the proper elongation of the metal, improve strip flatness, and enable the required surface quality to be reached.

DMS side trimmers​​​​​​​

DMS side trimmers

DMS side trimmers feature a special design and blade positioning technology that offers clean, accurate edge cutting for any kind of metal strip.

Exit coil handling section

Fives’ mechanical solutions and SIS tuning for the exit coil handling section ensure minimized waste and achieve the desired throughput.

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