DMS side trimmers

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DMS side trimmer

An effective and efficient side trimming section is critical to a successful strip processing line. Robust and safe operation should be expected. The DMS SideTrim features a special design and blade positioning technology that offers clean, accurate edge cutting for any kind of metal strip within desired width and thickness.

DMS SideTrim features:

DMS SideTrim

Available with single or double heads, the range of DMS side trimmers promises a clean finish for better strip quality using precision equipment that is designed to be operator friendly:

  • Reliable mechanical design
  • Automatic reliable vertical or horizontal adjustment system
  • Fast and efficient blade changing time (<2 minutes)
  • Scrap treatment by scrap press or scrap chopper or scrap baller
  • Improvement in the design of scrap chutes
  • Flexible blade changing

Dedicated designs for high speed lines

  • Less line stoppages per year caused by side trimming (< 4 stops/year)
  • Turret type for blade changes in hidden time
  • Side trimmer combined with scrap chopper for a more compact layout
  • The blades’ scrap chopper drum design gives a lifetime that is much longer than the previous generation
  • High capacity scrap press (>10 tons scrap/hour)

DMS SideTrim safe and simple operation

All side trimmers are equipped with the same cutting head, which has been optimized for strip processing lines. Blade changes are fast and efficient, at less than 2 minutes, keeping production disruption to a minimum. The side trimmers can also be equipped with a twin-head system, which allows cutting tools to be replaced without stopping the production line, while guaranteeing operator safety. 

Scrap management system

NeoKoil® strip processing lines designed by Fives can be equipped with a choice of scrap management systems, including:

  • A scrap chopper to make steel scraps removed by a belt conveyor and discharged into a container.
  • A scrap press system device that creates compressed ‘packets’ of steel scrap. These are then removed and taken to a container.
  • A scrap baler system, which makes ‘bales’ out of edge trimmings. Intermediate storage and material guiding systems automatically and safely feed the trimmed scrap into the winding shaft. This system does not require manual handling and ensures smooth non-stop operation.

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