DMS skin-pass mills

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DMS skin-pass mill

Fives designs DMS SkinPass mills for every type of steel process, from bright stainless steels to a variety of continuous annealed or galvanized steel products. DMS SkinPass mills can be integrated into NeoKoil® strip processing lines developed by Fives or can be stand-alone equipment to ensure the required high quality finish. The purpose of the skin-pass mill is threefold:

  • To transfer the desired finish to the strip – rugosity or brightness
  • To suppress the yield point extension so that the material may be subsequently formed without developing any faults
  • To improve the strip flatness

DMS SkinPass mill range was designed to meet these objectives according to the customer’s specific needs.

DMS skin-pass mills

Fives has been specializing in the design and supply of DMS SkinPass mills for over 60 years. A complete range of skin-pass mills is available for different applications: DMS SkinPass 2Hi is designed for stainless steel production applications that require a high level of brightness, while DMS SkinPass 4Hi and 6Hi are suitable for a wide variety of annealed and galvanized steel products from very low to very high strengths. These skin-pass mills are also available in a tandem version with two or more stands.

Each of these models was developed using finite element modelling (FEM) to ensure every machine is adapted to the demands of the process.

DMS SkinPass 2Hi

The DMS SkinPass 2Hi is designed to provide the high degree of cleanliness required for optimum quality stainless steel. Its high performing long pad roll polishing system produces a very bright strip surface, while the roll control with double acting roll force cylinder is highly dynamic. As with all Fives’ equipment, the DMS SkinPass 2Hi mill is designed to provide easy access to all parts of the machine for safe and simple operation and maintenance.

DMS SkinPass 4Hi mill

DMS SkinPass 4Hi

The DMS SkinPass 4Hi is used on continuous annealing and galvanizing lines, and can be coupled with a tension leveler. The mill is designed for a variety of steel grades from very low to very high strength, with two ranges of work roll diameters, quick work roll change via a go-through system, and a high-performance roll cleaning mechanism. 

The DMS SkinPass 4Hi can process steel sheets up to 1880mm wide and up to a speed of 1000 m/min. The design has been optimized to minimize operational costs while obtaining the best performance.

The design also considers the environment and aims to minimize the quantity of effluent leaving the mill. In galvanizing lines, the skin-pass mills are operated ‘wet’ with a minimal flow of coolant to maintain the cleanliness of the work rolls. In continuous annealing lines, DMS SkinPass 4Hi mills are operated ‘dry’ so that no effluent escapes into the environment. The surfaces of the processed strip get an excellent finish and are ready for further processing. The rolls are polished to avoid iron particles sticking to the rolls.

DMS SkinPass 6Hi mill

DMS SkinPass 6Hi

DMS SkinPass 6Hi mills are mainly used on continuous annealing lines. With two additional intermediate rolls, this skin pass mill can produce better flatness under any operating conditions.

It is especially flexible both in terms of all the grades processed and the widths, thicknesses and production speed. It comes with two work roll diameter ranges and is equipped with shifting system so that the intermediate rolls are able to move under load.

Roll change cars for all skin-pass mills

The modern design of this system allows rolls to go through the mill stand or side changing system, depending on specific needs.

Combined with a fast roll changer car, this design is the ideal system for a fast and effective roll change and is particularly well adapted to in-line DMS SkinPass mills.

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