DMS strip levelers

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DMS strip leveler

Fives has designed a range of strip levelers - DMS StripLeveler which guarantees a better rendering quality in continuous strip processing lines through the combination of strip tension and bending. The DMS StripLeveler benefits the process in three ways:

  • Improves strip flatness
  • Achieves the proper elongation
  • Enables the required surface quality for high-end products to be reached

Elongation system to eliminate flatness defects

The DMS StripLeveler features an elongation system made of two dual-bending units that eliminate flatness defects on the strip through a slight elongation of 1 – 2%. The thin cassettes braced by a large supporting frame provide maximum stiffness, which, coupled with the machine’s advanced control system, enables a uniform and accurate elongation across the entire width of the strip.

DMS StripLeveler

DMS StripLeveler features:

  • Designed for AHSS and UHSS (advanced and ultra-high strength steels)
  • Available with anti-crossbow and/or anti-coilset unit
  • Wet or dry configurations
  • Anti-rust treatment and stainless back-up bearings for extended lifetime in wet configuration
  • Change the cassettes in operation
  • Ability to change the upper rolls, with rotation of upper cassette on roll change carriage
  • Operator friendly side (protection panels)

DMS StripLeveler advantages:

Used in cooperation with DMS OptiLine™, which simulates the complete running of strip processing line to guarantee, among other things, the required line tension during operation, the DMS StripLeveler delivers:

  • Typical exit strip flatness of 5 I-unit
  • Up to 100 tons of strip tension
  • Up to 250 m/min processing speed

Easier handling system for cassette-mounted rolls

To simplify roll changes, Fives designed a car system for quick and easy dismantling of the work rolls cassettes. The car is also equipped with an innovative turnaround system for upper cassettes. The turnaround system is on board the dismantling car; therefore the work rolls can be changed immediately without handling the cassettes.

DMS StripLeveler

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